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Caleu Autopartes is a company devoted to the stabilizer links (anti-roll) manufacturing.

The stabilizer link is part of the suspension system. It has the mission to optimize movements propers of the suspension and steering systems.

Since the last few years, the economics of our country allow us to offer a great quality by a lower price, and we become stabilizer links exporters. We started manufacturing products for Latinamerica and UK. The car manufacturers releases different products for different regions. Caleu Autopartes has developed a production system that is capable of adding stabilizer links for the cars from your own country or region easily and efficiently. Anyway, we already offer a wide range of brands and models, and you can take a look of them visiting our products section.

Please contact us if you need any information, or if the products you are looking for doesn´t appears in our catalog. Thank you for your time.

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